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Street-Legal Golf Cart Review – Tomberlin Ghosthawk Golf Cart

In this Golf Cart article, ‘Street-Legal Golf Cart Review – Tomberlin Ghosthawk Golf Cart’ – we will uncover what makes the Tomberlin line of Electric Vehicles, one of the most sought after and highly regarded among Golf Cart enthusiasts.

In this Golf Cart review, ‘Street-Legal Golf Cart Review – Tomberlin Ghosthawk Golf Cart’ – we will find out why so many knowledgeable Golf Cart enthusiasts put Tomberlin Electric Vehicles at the top of their list of most desirable Street-Legal Golf Carts.

The Ultimate Guide to the 2024 Tomberlin Engage Ghosthawk Golf Cart

A Brief History of Tomberlin Golf Carts

Tomberlin has established itself as a leading name in the world of Street-Legal Golf Carts, delivering a blend of innovation, quality, and performance since its inception. Known for pushing the boundaries of design and functionality, Tomberlin has become synonymous with luxury and reliability in personal and commercial transportation on and off the Golf Course.

Overview of the Tomberlin Engage Golf Cart Series

The Tomberlin Engage series represents the pinnacle of Golf Cart evolution, offering a lineup that combines sophisticated styling with advanced technology. These carts are designed to meet the needs of the most discerning users, whether they’re navigating the links or cruising city streets.

With a focus on comfort, safety, and eco-friendliness, the Engage series stands out as a premier choice for golfers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Introducing the 2024 Tomberlin Engage Ghosthawk Golf Cart

When you ask current Tomberlin owners that are the ‘Top 5 reasons you recommend a Tomberlin,?’ they say; ‘Performance, Value, Safety, Warranty & Resale.’

Among the standout models in the Engage series is the 2024 Tomberlin Engage Ghosthawk Golf Cart. This model elevates the Golf Cart experience to new heights, offering a blend of luxury, versatility, and ruggedness.

Ideal for both street use and Golf Course adventures, the Ghosthawk is available in 4 or 6 passenger configurations, each boasting a lifted stance that commands attention and provides an unmatched ride quality.

As a fully street-legal vehicle, the Ghosthawk is equipped with a powerful battery system designed for long haul travel, ensuring that you can go further on a single charge.

Its growing popularity in residential and community settings, particularly in the picturesque locales of San Diego, Carlsbad, Coronado Island, and Pacific Beach, is a testament to its adaptability and appeal. The Ghosthawk is not just a Golf Cart; it’s a lifestyle choice for those who demand the best in mobility and style.

Owners of the Tomberlin Engage Ghosthawk in these coastal cities find it to be an invaluable asset for daily tasks. From street driving and running errands to ferrying children to school and attending local events, the Ghosthawk Golf Cart proves to be as practical as it is stylish.

Tomberlin Ghosthawk Golf Cart

Tomberlin Ghosthawk Golf Cart elevates the Golf Cart experience to new heights, offering a blend of luxury, versatility, and ruggedness. Ideal for both street use and Golf Course adventures.

Top Manufacturer Specifications of the Tomberlin Engage Ghosthawk Golf Cart

While specific manufacturer specifications are subject to change, the Tomberlin Engage Ghosthawk typically features:

  • Premium seating featuring CoolTouch™ technology cradles you during your drive. The soft and supple material feels like premium leather but is easy to clean and weather resistant. Furthermore, the Cool Touch material reduces the surface temperature of the vinyl on hot sunny days reducing the “sting”.
  • A 6-inch lift combined with rugged hybrid on/off road tires on black wheels gives an aggressive stance and commanding view of the road.
  • Sculpted body lines are wrapped in a choice of 5 distinctive Ghosthawk matte finishes, adding to the unique style.
  • Custom non-slip black diamond floor mats add to the distinct style that is the Ghosthawk.
  • Street-Legal Certification: Equipped with all necessary lighting, mirrors, and safety features to comply with road use regulations.
  • Powerful Battery System: Offers extended range capabilities to accommodate long distance travels without frequent recharging.

Advanced Tech Features: Including a digital dashboard, LED lighting, and integrated entertainment systems for a modern driving experience.

Top Performance Features of the Tomberlin Engage Ghosthawk Golf Cart

  • The first Power-Steering System debuted in an automobile in 1951. And Tomberlin was the first to offer it as standard equipment on a LSV (Golf Cart) in 2018.
  • No competitor comes close to the AC Powertrain. Drawing 450amps while producing 17hp, owners notice the difference in superior hill climbing and acceleration when traveling up to 25 mph.
  • The LX model features steel belted automotive tires with custom 14-in alloy wheels. Smooth riding, long wearing and responsive handling is standard. And steel belted radial tires are an option on Ghosthawk models.
  • With the EVOLVE L210 Ah, 10 kWh Lithium Battery smart power system, owners go farther— up to 80* miles between charges. Moreover, Evolves intelligence warns you when remaining power is low, and slows you to “limp home” mode to assure you are never stranded.
  • Most brands do not offer the convenience of an onboard charger. Tomberlin engineered the 1- kilowatt charger into the rear body for faster charging, and a better fit and finish. It goes with you wherever you go and can plug into any standard wall outlet.
  • The Ghosthawk Golf Cart drives like a luxury automobile thanks to its wide stance, optional steel belted radials and double A-arm suspension with adjustable coil over- shocks.

FAQs about the Tomberlin Engage Ghosthawk Golf Cart

Q: Is the Ghosthawk suitable for all terrains?

A: Yes, its lifted design and sturdy construction make it capable of navigating a variety of terrains with ease.

Q: Can it be driven on public roads?

A: Absolutely, the Ghosthawk is fully street-legal with the necessary lighting, mirrors, and safety features for road use.

Q: What is the range of the Ghosthawk on a single charge?

A: While range can vary based on usage and terrain, the Ghosthawk is designed for long haul travel, offering an impressive range that meets the needs of most users.

Q: How many passengers can it accommodate?

A: The Ghosthawk comes in 4 or 6 passenger configurations, making it a versatile option for families or groups.

Q: Where can I use the Tomberlin Engage Ghosthawk?

A: The Ghosthawk Golf Cart is ideal for both Golf Course and street use, it’s particularly popular in coastal cities like San Diego, Carlsbad, Coronado Island, and Pacific Beach for a variety of residential and community activities.

For residents of San Diego, Carlsbad, Pacific Beach, and Coronado Island, the 2024 Tomberlin Engage Ghosthawk Golf Cart represents a fusion of luxury, functionality, and eco-consciousness, making it a premier choice for modern, sustainable transportation.

Whether it’s for daily street driving duties, picking up the kids from school or taking them to sports practice or games, running errands or taking friends out for the night or to the beach or lake, the Ghosthawk Golf Cart will deliver you and your precious cargo safely and in style.

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LSV Requirements

NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) issued a mandate that requires hybrids and electric vehicles travelling at less than 18.6 mph (30 km/h) to emit warning sounds that pedestrians must be able to hear over background noises- The regulation requires full compliance in all electric vehicles, including LSVs. Because of the quietness of electric vehicles and the possibility of collision with visually or audibly impaired pedestrians, the overall objective is to facilitate proximity awareness and minimize the chance of personal injury. In summary, an LSV (legally licensed to drive on streets up to 25 mph> must emit a sound when the forward or reverse switch is in the:

Forward position:

  • From 0 MPH to 18.6 mph.The sound is allowed to stop once the vehicle exceeds 18.6 mph.

Reverse position:
In order to comply with NHTSA rules, all LSV vehicles have a Pedestrian Alert sound generator installed.

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